Sunday, September 25, 2011

My 220 Animation (boards)

Here is a sneak peak into my animation this semester. I got my team and my story, this weekend is just about finishing that storyboard/animatic and doing the final edits before we get down to the dirty work.
 I'm in charge of boarding the beginning scenes so this is part of that beginning sequence before the good stuff starts to happen....

I don't want to say what the story is (at least not yet) but I'm pretty excited about it and can't wait to see the final result. My team will most definitely ROCK this assignment!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

2d animated dinosaur project

hi lmu animation kids (or whoever still checks this blog [web-drifting blog ghosts?]),

My name is Brian Engh and I'm a dude who went to LMU and now I work as a freelance artist/animator. I am currently working with a paleontologist and some other LMU animation alums and former staff on putting together a small spec documentary about reconstructing dinosaurs through animation that will be pitched to several major networks that offer science related programming (Nat Geo, Discovery, Science Channel, PBS etc). The documentary will culminate in a short animated scene depicting a moment in the life of a prehistoric animal, in this case a dinosaur from portugal named Miragaia. You can check out our first pass storyboard, some dinosaur sketches and our mission statement on our production blog here:

As the project develops we will be updating the blog with relevant materials. As we get some animation on the page we will most certainly need help with cleanup, coloring and basic compositing, so anyone who's interested in getting some hands on experience with an interesting traditional 2d/false 3d/after effects hybrid workflow, or anyone who thinks it would be fun help clean up a bunch of dinosaur drawings should read our mission statement and check out the storyboard on our blog and get in touch with me. historian(at)dontmesswithdinosaurs(dot)com

I hope you're all having fun making cartoon movies in college!!!