Saturday, January 30, 2010


I hope this doesnt cross a line into intrusive or anything, but I saw some stuff with David's latest post that I thought I could help with. I did this draw over to illustrate (in more than just words) some ways to make this good drawing even better.

David, this is a really good drawing. You're progressing quickly! The thing you need to look at here are the proportions. Her arms are too short, the head is too big, and the bottom of the pelvis is way too low.

Remember, the body is about 7 1/2 heads tall (8 for superheroes), and the upper body is 4 heads from the top of the head to the bottom of the pelvis. Your drawing is closer to 3 heads tall. The elbow is about the bottom of the rib cage, the wrist will be at about the bottom of the pelvis, and the hand dangling below that.

Now, with the face, make sure everything lines up properly. I dont know why everyone says to use "rings" to construct the eye, nose, and mouth lines. It's way easier to get these features parallel using straight lines. I mean, it's more box than egg. Feel it! The face is a relatively flat plane. Same goes for the sides of the head. Once you use the box and parallel lines to get a solid face/head going, you can always give it the curvature it needs to feel organic.

I hope this helps out!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Animation Industry Panel

I was talking to Tom today about this AMAZING panel we're putting on Friday and we realized "ALUMNI!"

So to all you Alumni out there who are still looking for a free chance to get some industry advice the Resurrected Animation Club is putting on a panel this Friday (Jan 29th) at 7 pm in Mayer Theater. We have six panelists coming who've done a variety of things.

I've included a brief bio on their work and their blog/website links: 

David Colman - Character designer and story artist for years. He's worked worked at numerous studios including Sony Imageworks, Disney, Cartoon Network and more. Check out his blog!

Beth Sleven - an animator who's worked in 2D and 3D for live-action and animated projects (films, TV and commercials!). She has also worked as an Art Director, storyboard artist and concept artist. Some of the film's she's worked on include Chronicles of Narnia, the Golden Compass, Night at the Museum, and Curious George. Check out her website!

David Gibson - (yes, another David) one of the character animators on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!! Adriana helped us to contact him. :) He's got a blog with some reels as well as some opinions on the industry:

Brianne Drouhard - Character designer on Teen Titans. She's got a great style you will be sure to recognize! Check out her stuff on her blog:

William Wray - Background painter/Layout Artist for a bunch of things. He's got a great fine-art style that was used in shows like Samurai Jack (for the main title in 2 episodes), Ren & Stimpy, and The Mighty B! Here's his blog where he's got a really nice gallery of urban paintings:

Eric Canete - storyboard artist/ comic book artist. He's worked on several shows including The Batman, Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10, and the animated Men In Black and Aeon Flux. He's got a beautiful comic book style that you can see on his blog:

Hope you guys consider to come! It should be really awesome! If not, you're gonna miss out. :P


I meant to post these here a long time ago...

haha, yeah people should post here more, but all the college kids have big projects and deadlines and maybe even social lives... So, to continue the trend of disconnected alums being the only ones posting on here I present to you a few creature doodles I meant to develop and post on here months ago... oh well...

The Drowzermander


Boxwing (The Elder)

also!! VISIT!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends

I agree with Scott more people need to post, and there's more where that came from over here .

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


people need to post more on here...

Thursday, January 14, 2010


As you no doubt know by now, a massive earthquake has devastated Haiti - with tens of thousands feared dead.
Over 90 percent of victims die during the first 4 days of disasters such as these, a lot of them largely due to lack of basic resources such as clinics and medical supplies.
There are ways you can help! The Red Cross, for example, has a system where cell users can text "Haiti" to the number 90999. The text message yields a $10 donation to the Red Cross (charged to your phone bill).

I don't have facebook, so I can't put this on my status or send a message to everyone.

Sorry I had to do it here, but I didn't know what else to do beside a group e-mail... I hope you can help in this disaster guys!

 More info on similar ways to send aid:

Thanks for reading (double thanks if you send some aid!) 


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My job.

Hey guys! I thought I'd let you know what I'm up to these days!

I'm drawing a comic book for my friend Joe, and I wanted to share a few pages with you all! It's actually a lot of fun, especially since Joe has given me a lot of creative freedom. I'll keep you all posted!

These pages (from the first of a six issue story arc) are from the third act of Issue 1, but they're the best intersection of "cool" and "linear story." Enjoy!

PS: I know I chicken-scratched the words, and I'm too lazy to tell you what it says, so you'll have to read the final comic when it's done! I'll post finished/inked pages that you can read when they're done!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

new acrylic

had some spare time this weekend with my new easel I got for christmas to bust out the ole acrylics. (the frame was photoshopped in for added classiness)

larger version:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is old.
I'm working on new ones.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!! I win the Unofficial First Post of the Decade Award!

I hope all of you are having a good New Year's celebration. I decided not to go to the New Year's party I was going to attend because it's a bit of a far drive and I didn't want to drive after hours on this holiday.
So instead I stayed in my apartment and drew some silly things - under the influence of wine.
Here are some of them, and some from earlier this month. Can you tell which were the half-drunken drawings?

Just a short fat dude. I envisioned him as a short douchebag.

Corporate Pig. An early idea for a t-shirt that I'm still polishing.

I don't like this drawing, but I'd already scanned it so I figured I'd post it.

A slightly failed attempt at drawing a pretty Mexican lady...

This guys just cracks me up...

gymnast jumping, no idea how the perspective was supposed to work...

Sketches of my favorite game evarrr. Can't wait for June (!!!!)

Different warriors of the military kind. One day we'll forgo the military drones in favor of robots like this one - controlled by 19 year old kids in the comfort of bedrooms.

Anyways, I hope 2010 is a good one for y'all :D