Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!!! I win the Unofficial First Post of the Decade Award!

I hope all of you are having a good New Year's celebration. I decided not to go to the New Year's party I was going to attend because it's a bit of a far drive and I didn't want to drive after hours on this holiday.
So instead I stayed in my apartment and drew some silly things - under the influence of wine.
Here are some of them, and some from earlier this month. Can you tell which were the half-drunken drawings?

Just a short fat dude. I envisioned him as a short douchebag.

Corporate Pig. An early idea for a t-shirt that I'm still polishing.

I don't like this drawing, but I'd already scanned it so I figured I'd post it.

A slightly failed attempt at drawing a pretty Mexican lady...

This guys just cracks me up...

gymnast jumping, no idea how the perspective was supposed to work...

Sketches of my favorite game evarrr. Can't wait for June (!!!!)

Different warriors of the military kind. One day we'll forgo the military drones in favor of robots like this one - controlled by 19 year old kids in the comfort of bedrooms.

Anyways, I hope 2010 is a good one for y'all :D


  1. Dude! Julio! that perspectivey one is super on the right track. It got me psyched and inspired.

  2. Ah, well thanks Jeremy! I didn't know I could do that haha :) You've done it many times for me... Hope all is well.