Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Animation Industry Panel

I was talking to Tom today about this AMAZING panel we're putting on Friday and we realized "ALUMNI!"

So to all you Alumni out there who are still looking for a free chance to get some industry advice the Resurrected Animation Club is putting on a panel this Friday (Jan 29th) at 7 pm in Mayer Theater. We have six panelists coming who've done a variety of things.

I've included a brief bio on their work and their blog/website links: 

David Colman - Character designer and story artist for years. He's worked worked at numerous studios including Sony Imageworks, Disney, Cartoon Network and more. Check out his blog!

Beth Sleven - an animator who's worked in 2D and 3D for live-action and animated projects (films, TV and commercials!). She has also worked as an Art Director, storyboard artist and concept artist. Some of the film's she's worked on include Chronicles of Narnia, the Golden Compass, Night at the Museum, and Curious George. Check out her website!

David Gibson - (yes, another David) one of the character animators on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!! Adriana helped us to contact him. :) He's got a blog with some reels as well as some opinions on the industry:

Brianne Drouhard - Character designer on Teen Titans. She's got a great style you will be sure to recognize! Check out her stuff on her blog:

William Wray - Background painter/Layout Artist for a bunch of things. He's got a great fine-art style that was used in shows like Samurai Jack (for the main title in 2 episodes), Ren & Stimpy, and The Mighty B! Here's his blog where he's got a really nice gallery of urban paintings:

Eric Canete - storyboard artist/ comic book artist. He's worked on several shows including The Batman, Justice League Unlimited, Ben 10, and the animated Men In Black and Aeon Flux. He's got a beautiful comic book style that you can see on his blog:

Hope you guys consider to come! It should be really awesome! If not, you're gonna miss out. :P



  1. damn I wish I could go, but I've gotta go get wasted with a friend who's heading off to costa rica for a few years...

  2. Wow that is an awesome line up!! Wish i could go, those are some crazy talented artists