Monday, January 31, 2011

Sketch Fun

I dont just draw quick shit nearly often enough.

More thesis progress

Been a while since i put anything from my thesis on here, so figured Id jsut show a few screenshots.
Inside the main characters old apartment: Hes been imprisoned for years and escapes to find the world he once knew completely torn apart. These pictures show the version of his apartment as he remembers it, and then a picture of its current ruined state.
Heres a screen from the opening prison scene that the main character is escaping from.

This is my soldier character now fully textured.
Critiques and any thoughts are welcome.
- Spencer

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

look! a t. rex!

feathery t rex

they probably didn't have feathers - there are a few small skin impressions of t. rex scales. that said, their ancestors had feathers so its entirely possible that t. rex had feathers on parts of its body for display. It is also possible that baby tyrannosaurs had a downy covering to keep their little bodies warm (little bodies have a harder time keeping a consistent temperature).

do you want another (better) t. rex?!?! try clicking on this one! its like magic! two dinosaurs for only one click!

A Girl and Her Robot

I think this is the first thing that I have done entirely digitally. I dont really like using an intuous, but until i get my cintiq it will have to do.

The girl was inspired by my purple haired girlfriend. The robot was inspired by Akira Toriyama. and robots.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thesis Still. Hot Damn!

Hey Guys,

I've never posted on the LMU Animators blog, but I wanted some feedback.

This is an almost finished still from my thesis (Courtesy of Haley Foster, Hannah Olson, Sam Lewis, and myself).

It's nightime and I tried to get moonlight into the scene along with his fan lamp.



Teresa Leong

Monday, January 17, 2011

Zoo Sketches

Kim and I went to the LA zoo on the weekend before classes started. Here are the results.

Peter Brandt is an LMU animator from a few years back

There's a lot of ninja talk goin' on, so I thought I'd contribute this to the discussion. This is a short film that an LMU graduate from a few years before me is working on in his spare time:

The animator's name is Peter Brandt. You should all go check out his youtube channel here:

I think his work is pretty inspiring. Not only is his animation really well done, but his action sequences are meticulously detailed, and well conceived. From what I can tell he gets good ideas and then elaborates on them to such a degree that his work brings to mind the mantra of John Hammond from Jurassic Park, "We spare no expense!"

Peter Brandt spares no expense.

Cowboys and Girls

I really dont know why I put these things together. The other day I got to do some life drawing of a cowboy. He was a good model, and it was a lot of fun. All of these are three minute poses. (Except the bonus dinosaur, he took ten seconds. I timed it.)

This morning I warmed up by drawing some cute girls. They took about 15 minutes each. Always a good way to get started. Anyway, when I was done, I felt like putting them together.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have had a character floating around in my head for a while named StarShine. She doesnt have a story, kinda just more a bout a look. Anyway, here she is at 3 different points in life. I think the two youngest are a bit tooooo similar, but I had fun anyway.

Also, JJ has somewhat inspired me and I will be making a point of posting to my blog every day this year. I wont put them all on here, that would be annoying, but if you'd like to follow along, my blog is

Katana Gunslinger

Hey all!
I drew this today and I'm pretty happy with how it came out! It's of the main character, Grey, from that comic I drew called "Katana Gunslinger."


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sketchy Sunday 11

Old 2010 Christmas doodle request that was supposed to be finished but instead got abandoned. I thought I'd finish it this weekend but never got around to actually completing it and then the Laker game distracted me.

Super Fighting Robot!

I actually colored one of my pieces! Holy crap that never happens!

I wanted to do a fun drawing of Mega Man's classic jump pose. All in all, probably 2-3 hours of work in this?


People Watching in Santa Monica

Hey guys!
I went people watching with my friends Christie, Jen, and Rafael and it was a BLAST! Here's a "best of" from my pages today.

Check the blogs of Christie, Jen and Rafael, cause they'll hopefully be posting their work from today and you've gotta see it. They're all super skilled! We're going to go drawing again next weekend. Anyone interested?


Friday, January 7, 2011

Black Sheep by Metric

I was bored earlier today so I listened to the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. Should be clear which song I got inspired by. :P

It's still a work in progress, but I figured I hadn't posted anything for a while so here ya go.



Thursday, January 6, 2011


5 hours work on this.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

mexican devil monster!

drew this for Jose today. he's planning on bringing the devil to life.
it's for a scene based on this:
'El Diablo en La Iglesia' by José David Alfaro Siqueros.

So, too metal? Not metal enough?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sketchy Sunday 10

This is half of something for a buddy on DA.


doodley doo

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution: 2,011 in 2011

So, I'll start this by saying that by many standards I'm a pretty good artist. Compared to a lot of my friends, though, I suck. So, I came up with a New Year's Resolution that should help fix that.

In 2011 I will do 2,011 pages of drawing, and I'll be keeping myself honest on my blog!

'HOLY SHIT, THAT'S A LOT," you may say. That's what I said, that's what my girlfriend said. It's really not though. If I do 6 pages each day, I'll be more than fine. The one "catch" is that half of the 2,011 pages must be studies. The idea is that not only will I force myself to draw more often, but I'll force myself to study and learn from the masters.

Anyway, here are the rules I've set forth:

1. I must do at least 1,005 pages of drawings from my head or from real life.

2. I must do at least 1,006 pages of studies.

3. Since I do a lot of storyboards for my portfolio, those count. They will be added to the 2,011 once the board is finished.

1 page of 3 panels = 1 page of the 2,011

So follow along on my blog, and I encourage you all to take on a 2,011 in 2011 challenge!

Oh, one last note. Since the studies are not my own work, I wont be posting each individual page of them. I dont want ANY confusion as to what's my work and what's not, and I dont want anybody thinking that I'm taking credit for the master's work. Instead I'll probably post a photo of all the pages and list who I was looking at that particular day.

Anyway, here are my first 6 pages. I went people watching in Santa Monica today.

So this fellow was interesting. He was Middle Eastern, and he had one leg and a three legged dog. He also does not like being drawn. See how the paper is dirty and wrinkled? That's from when he yelled at me and tore the page out of my sketch book!

Rule 4. of 2,011 in 2011: be more sly.

These aren't from Santa Monica. I was watching "Magnum Force" with my dad. Clint Eastwood's a badass. Oh, and those are Tharks at the bottom.

Anyhoo, I'll try to update my blog with this daily, but I might not be able to. I WILL be keeping up on the pages, and I WILL post everything, if not every day.

999/1,005 drawings left
1,006/1,006 studies left


PS: Anybody have suggestions on who to do master copies from?

So I got lazy and didn't color it yet, so....

Decided to go with the "safe option" for now a throw up the version with the reworked lineart. Still working out the colors. I'm leaning towards and bright orange and yellow and a deep blue and purple, like a fire during nighttime. For now, I've opted be to get some feedback on the piece at this level before moving on.

I took much of JJ's suggestions about "wrapping" the lines. It's not my usual method for conveying form, but I figured it was a method worth exploring.

Here is "Migornic Lineart V2"!