Tuesday, January 25, 2011

look! a t. rex!

feathery t rex

they probably didn't have feathers - there are a few small skin impressions of t. rex scales. that said, their ancestors had feathers so its entirely possible that t. rex had feathers on parts of its body for display. It is also possible that baby tyrannosaurs had a downy covering to keep their little bodies warm (little bodies have a harder time keeping a consistent temperature).

do you want another (better) t. rex?!?! try clicking on this one! its like magic! two dinosaurs for only one click!


  1. Tyrant Lizard King!

    More Rex drawings plz.

  2. awsoem stuff on your blog man. i never thought about it to the degree that you do, but your issue with t rex legs makes sense to me. shit i just want to go see sue for myself though.

  3. You didn't see Sue when she was at the LA County Natural History Museum several years ago? They had a replica on display in one of the halls.

    She was gigantic.

  4. no, i somehow didn't make it to the LANHM when sue was in town. I did however see her a waaaay long time ago when she was in Fresno... It was shortly after everything was settled legally and she was auctioned off.

    Anyway, really gnarly awesome creature. THE best thing about the sue exhibit at the chicago field museum is that they've finally cleaned the skull all the way down and they have the actual fossil skull on display in a case. It is big and distorted and gnarly.

    I love that she has all kinds of gnarly battle damage that healed wonky... and that's just what one can see in her skeleton - the living animal must have had tons of scars and open wounds that never left evidence in the bones!