Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Girl and Her Robot

I think this is the first thing that I have done entirely digitally. I dont really like using an intuous, but until i get my cintiq it will have to do.

The girl was inspired by my purple haired girlfriend. The robot was inspired by Akira Toriyama. and robots.


  1. Robot is awesome.
    Girl? I think the pose is a little impossible. Too bendy.

  2. thanks scott. but yeah, i may have gotten a bit carried away with her pose.

  3. Kalia has purple hair now?!?!
    Also, how do you know how flexible Zach's girlfriend is Scott?


    anyway the pose doesn't look IMPOSSIBLE, just not particularly comfortable. That said, her tiny mushy hand is impossible (unless its deformed), but that to me looks like an 'aaaah! wacom!!!' hand.

    I'm with Zach, drawing on computers is way lame. Even on a cintiq there's no real surface interaction. How am I supposed to make the good mistakes (like smearing or dumping ink) that force me to invent new things and/or get better as a draftsman? On a computer I can fart on the undo button or jump back in history and its fixed! poooooooop!