Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thesis Still. Hot Damn!

Hey Guys,

I've never posted on the LMU Animators blog, but I wanted some feedback.

This is an almost finished still from my thesis (Courtesy of Haley Foster, Hannah Olson, Sam Lewis, and myself).

It's nightime and I tried to get moonlight into the scene along with his fan lamp.



Teresa Leong


  1. It's good. Not sure if light is coming from fan or moon. Might try making it less "directed". Also try for inexpensive software.

  2. I'm thinking it will be more clear when I get the window painted in, but ideally I'm having both moonlight and fan light in the scene (though in the finished film the fan light will flicker)

    I'm goin for the 2d look! Glad it came across


  3. i think the overall feel of the set is great!

    the only thing that strikes me as a bit unnatural is the big black zigzag cracks in the walls. I've damaged a lot of things, but I've never seen big clean wide zigzag cracks in a wall... I'm not sure what material the walls are supposed to be, but if you just google image search 'damaged drywall' or 'damaged lathe and plaster' or even 'cracked wall' you'll get some good reference.