Saturday, January 1, 2011

So I got lazy and didn't color it yet, so....

Decided to go with the "safe option" for now a throw up the version with the reworked lineart. Still working out the colors. I'm leaning towards and bright orange and yellow and a deep blue and purple, like a fire during nighttime. For now, I've opted be to get some feedback on the piece at this level before moving on.

I took much of JJ's suggestions about "wrapping" the lines. It's not my usual method for conveying form, but I figured it was a method worth exploring.

Here is "Migornic Lineart V2"!


  1. what is it? why does it have so many eyes?

  2. Just a part machine, part lizard with eyes sticking out of the front. The eyes are for "locking on", the machine bulbs in the middle do the shooting.