Thursday, January 6, 2011


5 hours work on this.


  1. ah the clothing is really well done - especially on the torso. it hangs just right and the fabric is really believable (the t-shirt seems soft and cottony and the jacket thicker/more stiff the jeans somewhere in the middle). all too often artists just go for skin-tight everything. ugh.

    is she supposed to be handing something to someone? that hand feels a bit wonky to me... maybe because the palm is perfectly facing the camera while the rest of her is seen from a slight down shot? also the wrist and fingers are a bit thick for a lady (but not a tranny! ;), and the bracelet isn't hanging toward the ground - its hanging just slightly away from her.

    sorry to nitpick though - the rest of her is really quite good! so much character!

    thank you for posting more!

  2. thanks for the crits dude. Some people on another site thought there was a good deal of wonkiness going on too. Largely that the perspective was off on the legs and her brow. And that the face was shaped a bit oddly. The hand is definitely off. I was more imaging her playing with a cell phone, but her eyes aren't really looking at it.

    There seems to be a lot of perspective issues, so what I really need is some ref to work off of and to start over


  3. to my eyes, the legs' perspective is pretty consistent with the implied wall that she's leaning up against... but now that you mention it, you really wouldn't see much left of her nose from the angle her head's at... but it's pretty subtle. you just drew more than you had to, so that side of the face looks a bit bigger. Maybe this character has a tumor in her sinuses that's bulging out that side of her face? I'm also now noticing that her left shoulder (the one connected to the cellphone arm) looks like it might be going back into the implied wall space... Anyway, that whole arm needs to re-angle to pull her cell phone up and in front of her.

    try starting over by laying out the environment with some rough perspective lines. You can then block out the general location of the body against the wall and floor. This can be simple as drawing a big 3d rectangle in perspective leaning up against the wall. Then on a new layer build your anatomy into that 'bounding box'... Its way easy to lost in all that empty white space, especially when drawing organic shapes in perspective.

    Just remember, humans are a squash on a box on a bucket with some two by fours stabbed into the box and on the sides of the bucket. oh and the two by fours have hinges.

    i like your style. thanks for making me want to help you figure it out!

  4. Nicely done man, post more colored works.