Monday, December 29, 2008


Possible shot from "The Treehouse"

Hey Everyone,

As some of you know, I had been planning on doing a short animation project ("The Treehouse") this upcoming semester. However, it turns out I have to take Jay because I'll be doing thesis a year early. I know it's crazy, but...I would still like to do the project, and I think I can (it's a simple story with a simple style). The one thing I know I'll need help with is compositing, which I can't do very well. If someone could help me with basic compositing (no explosions or effects, just putting the shots together in AfterEffects) I might be able to finish. 

It would mean a lot to me, since this is probably the only chance I'll have at LMU to make my own short film. If you're interested (and not doing thesis or Jay next semester....) please let me know! Sorry for the super long post. Thanks guys!



  1. That shot is looking great. You got a real nice composition going on. The colors are also really pleasant.
    I was wondering though if you would be willing to try a version where the hills in the background are all the same color without a gradient. Maybe they could be the color they are on the far right. and maybe the sky could be a light yellow.
    Again though its looking real good.

  2. Thanks Duddley! Hey, its thanks to you for answering all my questions!
    and i'll give that a shot and see how it looks...i'm still messing around with my color palate...