Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Am I a director now? (like officially...?)

I've been hired to make an animated music video!

Here's a quick concept sketch:

please let me know what you thinks and if it's confusering or whateverwhatever.

I only put the animatic on my website because blogspot doesn't let a dude post up a flash video, and I didn't feel like converting it to mpeg or whatever...

Thanks friends! I'm so happy we have this blog for the feedbacks and critiques and stuffs. SOO SMART!!!
pleasepleaseplease be BRrUuUUuutal. I have to make this really good so that I level up at least twice in the process.



  1. this is looking awesome Brian! I am so happy for you that you got this job! As for critiques, I'll have to give the animatic another watch or two...but from what I saw, so far so good! cool character design.

  2. Hey dude Congrads! That is really awesome you got this opportunity! I'm sure your gonna knock it out of the park.

    I got a few critiques after watching it and I'll be brutal cause you asked. First off the aspect ratio felt really boxy, you should go for HD. The story has an epic feel and a wider framing would help it tremendously.

    Shot wise I think you could use some more wide and establishing shots. It felt tight throughout.

    Story wise I felt like you could push everything further. I like the planet concept but I've seen it before *little prince, mario galaxy*. Make the planet unique. Perhaps the horn player is a more integral part of the planet or growing out of the planet. That way he has more to lose when the planet is destroyed and it gives the planet a more unique design. Same with the destoryer planet. The radio design was great cause it was something unique/new I'd push the radio design more.

    when trumpeter grabs the blue explosion stuff; make it clearer. Didn't know where he got the rock from.

    ending ambiguous, wasn't sure if the radio thing was still alive or transformed into a tree, could be clearer.

    Hope that is helpful. Don't be afraid to reboard the animatic over and over and over. You really only get it right after rewriting a bunch of times.

  3. Yes!! Thank you Mike!

    While I don't really have time to totally redo the animatic, I will do my best to push everything a lot further as I build/shoot/animate/composite... I have already re-envisioned significant shots based on the feedback I have been getting! :D

    As for the aspect ratio - this will be widescreen, I just exported the animatic squished because apparently .flv files cant be exported at 853x480? Anyway the final product is going to be 1280x720, so I shouldn't have a problem there :)

    Awesome feedbacks! MORE! MORE!!! MORE!!!!

  4. Hi Brian! I love it and I agree with Mike on the aspect ratio and shot comps! More awesome is needed. Also go to your website 'casue I made a list of points for you to read if you want! Mostly I want reaction shots from the deer!