Monday, February 1, 2010

"The Long Holidays" album cover

Hey all!
This is an album cover I recently did for my good friend's band, "The Long Holidays." Check them out here:

And here's a link for their upcoming show:



  1. Your lady looks stiff... the upper arm on the left looks like it's in front of her booby, which is too low on that side. Also scared ladies from vintage movie posters always put their hand up in front of their face when they're scared... Also, it would be nice if the painting style in the foreground was tighter so as to give the image more depth. Right now it looks fuzzy, and it's obvious you did it in Photoshop or Corel - it doesn't look like real paint.


  2. Brian is really just giving you a dose of your own medicine here, JJ. I mean it's a cd cover and who cares? You got paid right? you enjoyed doing it? And most importantly, your patron got what they asked for!

  3. yup.

    If you're going to publicly critique other people's work you're going to be held to a very high standard of quality yourself. That's just how it goes... and I do think this lady seems a pretty awkward.

    Personally I like when JJ gives me detailed critiques (even publicly), but unless I'm told not to I'm going to assume I should do the same for him. (That way we get stronger!!)