Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Storyboard Sample

Hey guys! Here's part of a board I'm working on for class. I got a piece of it prettied up for my portfolio, so I thought I'd post it up for you guys!

I'm looking for all sorts of feedback, especially on the drawings, the shots, how it edits, and how the layout works for portfolio presentation.

Thanks a lot guys!



  1. Hey JJ, love the art. Love the presentation. I think it'll work really well as a portfolio.

    But yea, as brian said, the pink pencils suck. I have to concentrate and squint and it gives me a headache to look at them on a computer screen. I'd suggest going over all of them with a normal pencil. It'll probably look pretty sweet.

  2. oh jj, for fun I just multiplied a black and white version over your pink one about 6 times. I think the art should be about that dark. You could do it better if you only did the art, and not the dialogue boxes as well.

  3. I thought it looked good when I saw it in person. Also, you can just change the colors in photoshop and make it darker. It seems people don't spend too much time reviewing the portfolio so anything that lets people get through the panels quicker the better.

  4. Yeah, someone at the Con suggested dropping tone into the BG so the characters pop. I'll definitely be doing that for my next update. I got a lot of great feedback though, so the scene plays out a little differently.