Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Name change?

dude, we aughta just call it 'brian and JJ's usually animation related blog'.

old doodlies^

look guys, the web has a lot of time wastin' goodness up on it, and that's why I try to limit my web surfin' to this blog and a few friends blogs. So, if you don't post pictures on here for me to make stupid comments on, you drastically reduce the ammount of time I can spend on the web procrastinating. Look! You've even forced me to resort to writing a blog post on here in order to waste more time!

and JJ and I are the only ones who will ever read it... :{

Self portrait (inspired by Matt' and both Zach's and Kalia's self portrait drawing-off):


  1. Hey Brian, you have motivated me, I am drawing something for this blog right now.

  2. nice, self portraits! i want feet like your guy man