Saturday, February 12, 2011

Superboy Smash!

I've never been any good with action shots but I figured I'd give it a try tonight. It's half inspired by Young Justice (the show, stuff I've seen at WB, superheroes in general, etc) as well as Jay's drawing on DeviantART: "Superman Punching Ground"

I wanted to post my Black Canary drawing too but my external's being stupid and won't show up. >:|

Any hoo... I could really use some tips on how to make this better and other action shots in the future!!


  1. The pose is pretty good, the shot is super dynamic, I dont have a whole lot to add. Maybe have him leaning a little more forward? I think that'd give the punch a little more weight.

    Also, nitpick. Superboy is off model. His nose and chin are longer...

  2. SHHHH!!! I wasn't trying to draw ON model. :P It's totally fan art. I can get away with it this time!

    But thanks for the advice on the pose. Someone also suggest that on dA so I guess this means I should try it. xD