Sunday, May 29, 2011

Superman, Turn Around Please

Poor LMU nimators blog, I've totally forgotten about you! Seems like im not the only one either, as this place is starting to look like JJs personal playground (not that I mind, good job man!)

Anyway, this is a superman turn around I just finished (no shit, right?). I'm really starting to enjoy turning characters and I think I'll be doing some more real soon. Like, right now.


  1. Nice! Is this for fun or a particular project? The one thing I'd suggest is work out the ab/rib-line areas a little more so that they reflect actual anatomy a little closer.

    Cool style though. I love the pack pose. Great idea for gettin the cape out of the way!

  2. Thanks JJ! This isnt for any project in particular, just a part of my attempts to break into character design. So yeah, Ive been working on a lot of these and hopefully I'll be able to land a gig somewhere soon...we'll see how it goes.