Friday, January 9, 2009

New Pencils!

So Julio found these oil based pencils that we have been looking for. We seriously have been looking for them for well over a month. Since I was so excited to have them I thought it would be fun to a bunch of drawings with them last night. Here are some of my highlights.
I like this guy cause he is farting and his arms are all wrong. They bend the wrong way, plus arms just can't do most of the things he is doing. I find it funny. Oh and he has a dick.

This guy is the devil.

This guy is a lizard, or salamander. But hes got funny teeth.

This girl was a fun one to draw, I like everything but her head. Shes got thick ass legs.

This girls boobs are all wrong but her face is what I enjoy.

So yea, there is one drawing missing since I put it one the Funny Wall back at the apartment. Its an angry giant stomping around with a disproportionately large penis that also happens to be a monster with arms.


  1. nice man. i like a few of those a lot. what are those pencils called? they looked like fun

  2. my favorite is the salamander guy!!