Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Where I Want to Live

uGGGHHhhhhh... So this all started as a stupid doodly idea, and then it blossomed out of control...

When I was a kid we had this overgrown planter in front of our house that was full of big gnarly elephant ear philodendrons and I fondly referred to it as "The Jungle." I spent a lot of my childhood in "The Jungle" and just the other day my love of looking up through big sunlit leaves combined with my genuine desire to be small enough to live underneath them and i was inspired to try and draw this...

Rough Layout

Ink and Marker

Final Photoshopification
I stayed up all night finishing this one, only to wake up and realize I hate it. The composition is too cluttered, the colors nauseating, the lighting and perspective off, and the look of the house unappealing to me. Sort of a 70s geodesic dome style thing. ugh. This picture was just supposed to be pleasant and welcoming and pretty. Not this odd complicated thing that doesn't resonate with any emotion I can put my finger on.

So I started over.

This time I made a quick mock up out of clay so I could get the lighting and perspective better.

After a rough layout or two (not shown) I did a ball point pen render.

Then colored in photoshop. I'm still not that happy with this picture, but it's closer to what I had in mind. I would encourage you to look at it full size and scroll around... It's almost fun to explore... (?)

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