Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just some art-stuffs from JJ

Hey guys! Here's some artwork I've been doing lately! Lemme know what you think!

These drawings are character explorations from a board I did for my Storyboard class last term at CDA. It was taught by Rad Sechrist, who has some awesome storyboarding blogs!

This is a drawing of a character from a live-action shoot I was working on.

Here's some fanart from Lis's thesis...

Nothing official, just some brainstorming on David Hammerfist re-designs.

Here's some development from a web-comic I'm working on called "Fearbot." It's based on my buddy's film project of the same name, and on my Jay final.

Monster designs from the "Fearbot" comic!

This is the love interest in "Fearbot." Her name is Emily and she builds/repairs robots.

When I get a chance I'll upload some figure drawings!



  1. damn dude, prolific! Some really cool drawings/ideas. Be sure to post when you have the fearbot comic online. How was Rad's class? I'm planning on taking it.

  2. very cool man, although that ass on steve is a bit... sexy

  3. ooh i like the lighting and style of the two fearbot pics 7th and 8th up from the bottom (the one's with the nice prisma(?) shading) The lazer blast in the one 8th up from the bottom is nice too :D

  4. yeah i agree with brian man. that feabot blast thing is really sick. comic looks good!

  5. Mike, Rad's class was wonderful. I've been lazy and I havent actually finished the board I did for it, but once I do I'll be sure to post it up!

    A quick breakdown, first half we tinkered with our own stories while getting the hang of feature-boarding. The second half we broke into groups and developed group features and boarded scenes from the first act.

    I'm hopefully taking it again. Sign up starts tomorrow, so hop on that!