Friday, April 30, 2010

Just some more art-stuffs from JJ

Here's a little more, this time it's some Figure Drawing from the last month or so! But first, here's a picture I drew and inked today. It depicts a scene from "Gods of Mars," the sequel to "Princess of Mars."

Now, here's some figure drawing! These are from both Kevin Chen's class at CDA and from Jack's class at LMU:

In case anybody is interested, sign up for the summer session at CDA starts tomorrow, and you've gotta be quick! The good classes fill up fast! I HIGHLY recommend "Analytical Figure Drawing" and "Story Development for Animation."

One of these days I'll post some before/after pics to show how much the CDA classes have helped me. And beyond developing yourself as an artist, you network like HELL and meet tons of people that are working in the industry. And we all know that who you know is just as important as how good you are.


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