Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flash Reel? Thesis Clip Show?

Yeah so I needed a reel in order to get some testicles for a job. So after going through my severely limited amount of flash work (consisting almost entirely of thesis) this is what i came up with. Just thought Id share since this is the closest my thesis will probably ever make it to the intertubes. Moo.


  1. I want to see your movie finished!!

    Also I want you to win. Hard.

  2. zach this is AWESOME!! i love your colors and designs and monsters and sexy ladies!! AND i hope you do finish your movie too! :D

  3. Fucking sweet.

    You always have the best music selection. What was that?

  4. Thanks everybody!

    That was a song called memories inside by a group called psycraft. kinda hard to find sometimes, if you cant i could send it to you.

  5. Sweet Zach! I loved your thesis! Also, I'll have to get that song haha