Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Witches. Early visualizations.

These are some of the witches I've been drawing lately for a storyboard I'm doing. I'm trying to design 2 of them. These are all visualizations of witch #1, who is supposed to be the villain (the other one is older or fatter, or both.) 
At this stage in my approach to design I have a hard time thinking of overall shapes and silhouettes first; I try to come up with a finalized-looking character and then trying variations of it to conform to shapes and other forms (essentially I try to simplify/cartoon it).
I'm really trying to do the opposite; I want to build up characters and have the shapes and forms come to my aid when I need to design my vision for a character but I haven't been able to summon an understanding of shapes to aid me as effectively as I'd like...
The other day JJ showed me some of the things he's been taught in his character design class and it really helped...(I really appreciate you taking the time to show me those things, thanks JJ!).

Does anyone else have these issues?
I'd love to hear your advice on this, or at least, advice you've heard...

Oh, yea, and please critique these witches! (I need to hear why they suck. Hopefully this will help me make 'em better)  :) 


  1. 2 on the right are sooo good! Especially the one 2nd from right. mmm... now that's my kinda lady!

  2. So you like dark mysterious ladies huh? :D
    Thanks, I was thinking on settling on one of those designs (probably will have to tweak it and make it better).
    (She's my kinda lady too, what can I say?)

  3. for me, it's all about the eyes...

  4. I like em. Good start. I'd say your next step is to go crazy and do a page with 20 different shapes. Go bugnuts and see if anything works. Good start!

  5. Thanks...
    The marker trick you showed me works wonders but I still haven't stepped out of "safe" ground. I guess bugnuts is what I'll try next :)

  6. I like the second from the right.. make her much taller and thinner ... but not sexy, like boney and stooping like a vulture.