Friday, July 10, 2009

Self-Cartoon as a Kid

This was my submission for Kalia's Draw Off Challenge (I think that's officially it's name, or rather what I've seen people call it most frequently.)
What sparked it was:
When I was a child, I had a big backpack that I loved because it was both spacious and freakin’ orange! I thought it was so cool because nobody else had one like that. I used to think “heh, Im the only kid with an orange backpack!”, whereas my adult self, through the cultured (conditioned) and maimed filter of our fashion and advertising culture, might probably think "shit, I was the ONLY kid with a giant, orange backpack.”
F*ck that adult. Orange backpacks rock.

Is that backpack even orange? I dunno, I’m not good with these color things...)


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  2. that unibrow is awesome. however I think you should add some textures, especially on the floor, otherwise it looks like the cleanest floor ever. Julio, I jest.

  3. Zach Wong!!!!
    lol :)
    (By the way what does your username mean?)

  4. very cute julio! also i would go with a little brighter orange, but hey, i know nothing about color and my colors are always disgustingly saturated so!!! im sure it is fine :)

  5. lol yea same here, I was so unsure about this orange that I actually got an orange and went to the color sampling thing on the screen and tried to match them up somehow...
    obviously it didn't make for the most lively orange haha