Saturday, December 5, 2009

Worried about finding a job?

Hey everyone should check out this motivational story from Sherm Cohen. He has been doing storyboarding professionally for years and I had the luck of taking his class a few years ago..which helped me get my first job.

If your feeling worried about finding a job read this.



  1. Amazing and very inspirational stuff. Thanks Mike.

  2. thanks mike! after being laid off, things have seemed somewhat bleak, but that was very encouraging to read.

  3. zach, as soon as i get my money right I'm going to hire you as my number one lazers/spaceships/sexy lady/classy color schemes guy. so don't even worry ;}}

    now... about gettin' that money...


  4. glad that was helpful. Sherm is an incredibly talented cartoonist and teacher, he helped me get my first real job (after I'd been working in a bookstore for half a year). Don't give up guys!