Friday, December 11, 2009

Will post something less morbid next time :)

A few days ago, I accidentally swallowed a detergent chemical (long, boring story) and for about 3 minutes, the hardest, most surreal 3 minutes of my life, I thought "shit, this is it (?!)"
My initial ignorance about what I swallowed definitely made it more acute. Turns out it was just a shampoo mix (and that makes me feel like a sissy.)
The worst that happened was an upset stomach. And this little thing I drew the day after, when I was trying to put some form to that surreal feeling. Words couldn't describe it as well as the image - how true that seems to be most of the time...
I miss you all, I hope you're kicking ass @ school and otherwise :)

(p.s. I didn't pray for my life so I guess that might settle that "foxhole" question (?) )


  1. Looks kinda like the same style Egon Schiele used... almost but not quite.

  2. were you high? you were high right?

  3. No, but what if I had been? O.o
    I was in a very weird mood though, that's for sure...
    Btw, I've been drawing that weird teeth pig guy more and more...I think I'll post that next, but I don't wanna be a double poster haha.