Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hammerfist tease

Hey guys!

I think we mentioned it, but Matt and I are boarding the next adventure of David Hammerfist right now. The project is a 2 minute pitch-pilot, basically distilling the series to its absolute basics. It's still in its infancy, so the board/story will definitely change a ton, but I thought I'd share a little development.

Over the past few month's we've been working hard on some better character designs. These are still "in development," but this is where we're at right now:

All around we're working on designs that immediately reflect the character's personality. Let me know what you guys think!



  1. Keep it up guys. Everything's looking good - especially where you're going with David and Steve. I'd run them by your pal David Coleman to see his thoughts.

  2. New designs are look tight. Really solid structure on these boys.

    I'm not liking the oversized forearms though. I think it feels a bit too looney toons... The thin and midsized forearms are my favorites.

    Lookin forward to when you get a new finished product out there!

  3. nice guys, these are really cool! I was a lil iffy about the forarms first too, but then i realized he is hammer fist! he should have bulbous for-arms.
    If I were you though i'd continue to push the shapes and proportions of the bodies, because those still feel generic. (that is if you really want to take it in a new direction)