Friday, June 4, 2010

My (incomplete) scene from Rad Sechrist's class

Hey guys!
At Mike Moloney's request, here's part of the scene I did for Rad Sechrist's storyboarding class.

I didnt actually finish the scene, but there is more I DID board that is not included in these pages. I've been assured that the scene reads and makes sense when each panel is viewed full screen, but I'm worried that some of the subtleties that hold it together will be lost at this size, so please look at the pages as big as possible.

Here's some setup, since my scene is scene 04.

The project is called "The Haunting of Science Falls." The story is about Max, who has been raised believing that science can explain all, and that there is nothing more important that advancement of technology. His journey forces him to reconsider these teachings and to find the value in all life.

He lives in a stuck up, science oriented town that's just about reached their energy producing capacity and must find a new power source. Max is the son of the head-hancho of the scientific community, and he very much wants to live up to that name.

The town denies anything and everything that can't be explained by science, but early on we meet a group of curious ghosts from a town deep in the forest.

In this scene Max is working late in to the night, trying to figure out why his power-source machine doesnt work.

From here, Max basically tries to capture the ghost, and chases her around the room. She escapes from the room by bursting out the window, but she leaves behind some ecto plasm. When it's discovered, it sends the plot hurling forward.

If anyone's interested, I can post the massive outline I posted over on our class blot. It's pretty long and there are not many pictures, but I actually really like the story we came up with.



  1. damn that is some really nice work. It's aniamted! Your use of tones is really nice too, not cluttered, very clear. Great work I'm looking forward to that class myself!

  2. Really top notch JJ!!! This definitely makes me want to take the class more than I already did before.