Monday, June 28, 2010


Is awesome!

note: the film section: not done... :c ..Yet.


  1. true.

    you know, you could embed your reel on your film page by just copying and pasting the embed code from your vimeo...

    its easy-buckets!
    -just mouse over the video you want on your vimeo page and you'll see a little button appear that says .
    -click that embed button and a box will appear.
    -at the top of the box is a bunch of html code. highlight all the html code and copy it.
    -paste it into the html for your film page...

    boom. embeded next-level zeff skillz taking over the interwebs and the world.

    then people will be less likely to get distracted by other fun things on vimeo and not come back to your website.

    like i just did...

  2. Ah! Yes I tried embedding the html already but I think I was doing it wrong! I actually was trying to upload my video onto my website though..... gaaahh. I am not terribly tech savy but I proud that I at least knew how to (steal) code from a free template I found online.
    Thanks Brian!!! I will do this tonight! :3

  3. Wow i love this artwork, so good!

  4. THANKS BRIAN!!! WEEEE!!!! that was the easiest thing I've done all week!

  5. Hey Marnglar, even though I get constant updates from your blog and DA page, the website made me smile - especially the little guys and the magpie (I hope it is a magpie). It has just enough stuff on it that makes it easy to navigate and all your creations are just the right size to enjoy :)