Friday, May 28, 2010

Hey! lets look at old animatics!

So, to comemorate JJ and I getting off of our asses and plotting down the next (short) David Hammerfist Adventure, I thought I'd post an old animatic.

The timing isnt as crisp and there are a few changes, but this was the second animatic JJ and I had for David Hammerfist: Hammerfists of Fury. It's pretty close to the final version, but the opening is different and there are a couple great one liners that never made the final cut.

I'm sure JJ doesn't want anyone to see this which is why I'm posting it. If anyone is curious to how much Better JJ and I have gotten, just multiply the animatic quality by 1000%....when referring to JJ, and -1000% when referring to me.

Anyway, here's the link to the Vimeo. People still use that, right?

Untitled from Hammerfist Productions on Vimeo.

Someday I'll post something non-Hammerfist. Maybe.


  1. Gah, the biggest loss is the McCarthy/Hammerfist exchange:

    "...who would snuff such privileges"

    "Such RIGHTS!"

    I cant wait to post some of the new stuff. It's SO badass.

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  4. haha that is great, ya jj your stuff is super strong now. Are you going to post any of your rad storyboard stuff?

  5. I still enjoy this version and I look forward to David's further adventures (and maybe a cameo by a certain resilient panda?