Friday, May 21, 2010

The Statement of Randolph Carter

Hey friends! YouTube is awesome. Put your fun stuff online and people might hire you to do fun things!
Case in point:
A fellow named Doug Simon saw my Danger: Frogs Attack! videos and got in touch with me. After a bit of back and forth he hired me to do sound design (but not the music) for this...

I hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to feed critical feedback on any aspect of this, sound design, animation, character design etc. The director is open to thoughtful feedback and he's planning on doing future adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft's short stories, so anything that can be improved on in future projects will be duly noted! (I would also encourage you to watch their first HP Lovecraft adaptation called "The Terrible Old Man" to see the improvement since the last project...)

Anyway, hope everybody's summer is going rad. Mine is hectic so far, but awesome.

Brian E. Engh


  1. ha! that was awesome, cool to see hp lovecraft coming to life. Honestly I think your sound design sold the suspense, cause the animation is a lil wonkey, I'd make the characters more graphic and simple to animate. I'd rather see a hold of a strong design than mediocre movement. Really cool film though and had some strong direction.

  2. Sound design was awesome, I love the monster sounds. Also, I liked the color and graphic shadows, but I agree, the characters could be a little simpler to lend themselves better to limited animation. Cool stuff though, for sure!

  3. Thanks for the post Brian!

    To the other two- I'll definitely keep in mind your advice on simpler character design. I definitely noticed the same issues while animating, and it's something I want to correct before the next project. If either of you (or Brian) have any more advice please feel free to contact me at

    We're starting up our next animation in a few weeks, so now is the best time to hear where we can further improve. Thanks again!

    (oh- and the sound design was indeed awesome)

  4. Thanks for posting Brian!!! I agree with Kiki on the monster sounds and ditto on both of their opinions - Boy, am I glad I watched this during the day ;)

    Nothing particular to comment on, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise and it reminded me a bit of Atlantis (as far as the style, graphics, and shadows). I haven't read any of Lovecraft's work, but good job adapting it and lots of nice compositions. And yes yes, the sound design and music was great as well.

    i stood up and clapped when I saw your name in the credits Brian!