Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some more art stuffs

Hey guys!

First up is the colored version of the picture I posted last week, the one I did for my sister.

Next we've got a piece of concept art, I suppose. I'm kicking around and idea with my buddy Franz about a girl in modern times that's got a pet velociraptor. I did this one with 2b pencil and some super cheap gouache I got from Graphaids. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on this one!

Last is a page from the 24hr Comic Contest I did in October. I penciled the whole thing way back then, but decided to touch up the pencils and ink them over the weekend. Here's the page I did. It's page 3 of 24.




  1. Your stuff looks so amazing! It's really cool seeing one of your comics, too. I was reading this one comic by Paul Grist one day, and I couldn't stop thinking about how much his style reminds me of yours. It's such a refreshing break from the usual, slightly realistic styles of mainstream action comics.

    Saw Franz's FB status, and I'm excited about the film idea, especially after seeing this concept art. There's really nothing that I can say for you to change about it because it looks great. Your human characters are fun, but I think your greatest strength seems to be drawing and creating monsters. The gouache is also a nice touch, too. I didn't know it could could look so much like watercolors. I may just have to try them out!

  2. Hey thanks! Yeah, I kept hearing about gouache being used as a water-color-ish paint, so I grabbed a $10 kit of 12 paints from Graphaids to dick around with. Not very high quality, but better than spending $10/tube only to find out it's not for you!


    Note feathers, size, tail rigidity, etc.

    Related 'raptor' species of interest:

    When you say "velociraptor" you may just mean something like the Jurassic Park "Raptor"... in which case disregard science and just watch all three Jurassic Park movies. Those 'raptors', awesome movie monsters though they are, aren't Velociraptor. They also aren't your character designs, so if you borrow heavily from them, be prepared to be called 'postmodern' and not 'original'.

    Whichever direction you take this I think the idea has potential for some fun characters. That said, do some dino research. In my experience more research = more good ideas...

    ...and there is PLENTY of good scientific material on the internet about Velociraptor and their close relatives, the dromeosaurs (because they are awesome).

  4. Thanks Brian! I knew I could count on you to call me on drawing a raptor from Jurassic Park from my memory! I'll do some more designs and run em by you!

  5. Nothing really intelligent to say, but nice job on everything JJ and good to know what you're up to!