Monday, October 11, 2010

sketchy sundays/mysterious monster mondays

get your shit up mofffuuuukazzz!!!

So, yeah we're all going to have a hard time keeping it strictly on Sunday, but I think it's a good exercise to try and at least post 1 new sketch SOMETIME every week. For me it is a good exercise to force myself to come up with new creature concepts. While most of these 1-2 hour concepts are going to be pretty lame, there's always a chance that one of these random ideas will plant a seed for something I can develop later.

Today's Mysterious Monster: The Queil Nelga'a

The Queil Nelga'a are a race of amphibious creatures that live in the swamps far to the south east of the Central Kingdom. They are notoriously murderous and they carve large tombstones for every warrior they slay. These tombstones are not to honor the slain, however. Rather, they are used as weapons, as the Queil Nelga'a believe that if you kill a foe with a slain enemy's marker stone, you own the soul of the enemy whose stone was used as a weapon. The Queil Nelga'ahave a rich and secretive history of sorcery and witch-craft surrounding their murderous practices, and some believe the Queil Nelga'a's more powerful tribal leaders actually command armies of ghosts which can spread plague and cause bad luck for their enemies. Whatever the truth may be, it is certain that if you are traveling in the south eastern swamps and you hear their raspy croaks, you are in dangerous territory and should be wary of surprise attack.

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  1. nice drawing and even better description. really rounded out the species and created some unique and interesting beliefs