Friday, October 8, 2010

Wheat Pasting

Me and a buddy tried to do some wheat pasting today. Its fun, but a little scary... but fun.

Hey on a side not, lately when I try to post pictures on blogspot I keep getting these errors that tell me that my html cannot be accepted. Something about the META tage not being aloud. Then when I publish the posts the images can't be clicked on for the larger version. It sucks, anyone know why or how to fix it?


  1. what browser are you using?

    Also, whats wheat pasting? Why scary?

  2. It happens in both chrome and firefox. Wheat pasting is using a mixture of flour and water to quickly post up paper on the street. Its scary just because getting caught in the act would suck cause technically its graffiti, but its way less permanent.

  3. Sorry I don't know how to fix your problem, but I fuckn' love that drawing.