Friday, October 15, 2010

This was really fun to make...

...i hope it isn't horrible to watch haha.

oh wait, never mind. i wanted it to be assaultive.

This was a really fun collaboration where we got together to make stuff but then we went away to finish making stuff. That way we each made separate complete stuff but starting with the same original stuff. I hope that isn't unclear. watch Will's explanation. It's better.

oh also i want to shout out Jeremy here. On a whim I emailed him and said, 'do you want to draw pictures for this like you did for Die Antwoort' and he did! but i didn't use them. strangely, the reason i didnt use them is because they are too damn good. so good in fact I'm going to figure out a way to pay Jeremy to animate crazy stompin characters for a future music video. i dont know what exactly, yet, but i swear on the blood of robert muldoon from Jurassic Park that it will be made manifest.

Awesome to see all of you keeping it mad sketchy. I LOVE logging on here and seeing new stuff up all the time. WIN!