Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I recently broke out my markers again since I am not really in the lab that much any more and I don't have a cintiq available. I actually really prefer to use markers and color pencils to photoshop.

This cowboy with the green negative space is the first one I colored this week. I originally started throwing color in to add more clarity to my negative space but now all I want to do is color.
I like this green dude because his arm was originally just a nose doodle but I sorta turned it into part of the guy.I think that this is me...


  1. This shit is awesome especially the one with Cowboy looking like he's going to pull out a gun and he's got no holsters or guns on him.

  2. lmao they are ALL you dudley!!
    I was thinking as I looked at the naked fat guy with no penis.... Why no penis?

  3. Oh yeah.. I love the cowboy! He looks like the "ugly" from the good the bad..