Friday, May 15, 2009

Some of my Art Stuffs

Hey chaps. Most of you have seen this stuff, but I figured I'd lump it all in one place. This work spans about a year. It's grouped by "series," not in chronological order.

Well, this first piece is some concept art for a buddy of mine. I got inspired and drew this piece of Jimmy Stringbean rocking out.

Here is a lump of my "Bucky O'Hare" fanart. I can't help it! I love that damn show! Some of these were for a DeviantArt Jam, so they have that boarder around them.

This man needs mo introduction:

I got a little inspired around the beginning of March to crank out this one

This guy was just for my portfolio. Practicing my anatomy.

Same with this fellow.

This is a piece I did during figure drawing. It'd Ed, but I decided to make him look like Captain Planet.

Here's a hottie from when I was learning how to draw girls.

Here's another hottie. You can see her boobies.

Here's a chunk of art I've done over the past year for our good friend David Hammerfist. I've drawn David in all sorts of style, and you'll see some early concept art for a character that was not in the thesis!

Here's my last block: "Fearbot." My buddy Franz created the character, but we've been developing him together for the past few years. I used him in my Jay board, and I'm planning to use him again in an epic board for this summer.

So yeah, that's all until my next update!



  1. I really like the zombie (crazy hips) lady you did with pencil and digital paint. In my opinion, it's the most solid one of these.

  2. ummm... damn. you've been holding out on us. Some of these are really amazing! Good jorb! I love the 2nd bucky design.. the really lanky chilled out one... reminds me of somebody... POST MORE OFTEN! I'm OVERWHELMED!!! Also the 2nd Fearbot poster is fucking rad. Yeah, the uncolored one with all the characters. I love it.