Wednesday, November 10, 2010

finally done

i hope you'll share this with everybody even though halloween is over. mainly because i put way too much work into it, but also because fuck christmas. seriously halloween is way better and christmas has fully invaded all the way to september. its time to fight back.

oh, also, I've been sketching too, but i haven't gotten around to scanning anything because i've been so focused on getting this halloween video done. anyway, i'll post some doodlies soon too.

oh, and watch it in HD. Way better.


  1. shit brian, that was crazy! so much goin on. and fun to watch, esp the end.

  2. Oh man, definitely one of your best, especially in HD and full screen on my 24in computer monitor.

  3. i gotta say i'm a bit disappointed with how a lot of it looks on youtube... anywhere that there's gradients or smoke looks all blocky. gerrrrr...