Monday, November 22, 2010


I dunno if any of you have this experience, but I feel like my best doodles happen when I'm not even trying or paying attention. this monster guy happened while somebody was talking to me on the phone about something I can't remember.

also, here's a random party doodle from a couple months back:

The big monster floats at the top of the space-swamp and grabs the wiggly swimmy things with his big spike mittens. He then eats them with his squishy tentacle mouth parts.


  1. brian these are both incredible delicious. i really want to hang out with the bottom guy, but i really want to run away from the top guy. preferably with the bottom guy.

  2. Agreed with Zach, I wanna be friends with that space swamp monster, he seems really chill.

  3. I'm a fan of random doodles, keep doing it and keep posting it.

  4. Please make the bottom the one into a t-shirt print. I'd wear it.