Monday, November 8, 2010

Sketchy Sundayy 5? Im trusting you matt...

This guy is, well, guy.


  1. I like the design and the way you pushed the shapes, but man that left arm looks mangled. When the palm is down, the elbow would be on the same side as the pinky finger, but it looks like the joint is bending against the elbow. I think it's the way you drew the hand receding in space while the shoulder is pointing toward us (the sleeve is pointing toward us, which is a pretty strong directional cue). You might try just copying what you did for the right arm, because that one looks great. I love how graphic and clear it is.

    The other thing I'd say is check where you want the shoulders to be. Right now they're at a 45 degree angle to the rib cage (look at the angle in relationship to the collar, the right arm is 2x lower than the left arm) and they are resting in the middle of the rib cage (again, look at the line between shoulders in relation to the collar).

    Put the shoulders higher on the torso and make sure both arms are the same distance from the collar, and I think you've got a really awesomely designed and expressive drawing!

  2. nice tips JJ, im pretty sure you are right on just about all of them. was a quick drawing, but yeah, that left arm could def use some work. i think im gonna be doing some more of this guy, so i will post them on here when they are done.

  3. haha yeah that arm does look sorta just stuck on there, but i think i like the awkwardly low shoulders... like somehow his floppy fattyness allows his limbs to just float across his torso, sorta 'baman piderman' style.

    i really love how much variety you've been putting up, Zach. a lot of great characters and styles.