Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sketchy sunday update

a few days ago i posted a drawing of this guy. jj was awesome enough to give me some pretty thorough tips on an arm i had kinda slapped onto him, and I incorporated much of his advice into my further study of the character. i went with a more neutral pose with this one so that i could really bang out the shapes nice and super gooood. unfortunately, i think i developed something of a leaning problem in this drawing, but it doesnt warrant trying to fix this one i dont think; just time to further develop the character.

super thanks x 10 to JJ. I really appreciate the advice and insight into my drawing and think that this blog will be most successful if used as a forum to get input from everyone involving our own artistic development.


  1. Anytime, I'm happy to share what I've learned!

    It looks like you're working on paper, so it's super easy to check stuff like "is he leaning over too far?" Just turn the page upside down and your errors will jump right out at you.

    I have to do that a lot to make sure my drawings arent skewed.

  2. Cool character Zach! I also liked the drawing a few posts back, he is really unique and interesting to look at, which is what I love about all your stuff! :D

  3. i love that his posture is very determined, but the look on his face is still blank and retarded! haha! i love this guy.

    i imagine him working at some shitty office job where everybody walks all over him until he finally quits and becomes the fattest astronaut, flying through the cosmos on a rocket built out of junk-food trash with his cat Nappy.

    ...or something. :D