Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thesis Progress

Hey guys! my first post on here, but brian suggested I put up some of my thesis work so I can share it with everyone.

I recently finished my animatic which can be seen here
The story is centered around a chase scene with a character whose been in prison for some time and has now escaped to discover the apocalyptic state that the world has now fallen into.
Its all gonna be in 3d except for the main character, who i will shoot with a live action actor on a green screen.

I also put up a short test clip of some animation for my robot character here

Feel free to leave comments and critiques on anything. Ive also been updating my own blog through out the semester, which has alot more stuff



  1. nice man that robot arm looks sweet. you could definitely push the animation though. give both those arms a bit more follow through and anticpation; really make it snap. it will help it to feel more powerful and alive.

  2. I checked out the animatic and the blog, it's looking good, I can't wait to see the finished product.