Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Background I'm proud of:

obviously used reference for the wind mill... but I didn't just copy and paste it in though... bleh! but it looks too perfect, not gonna touch it cause I'v got like a bajillion more to go, soo..


  1. Gaaaah!!! So good!!! I can smell the mountains!! The lighting and color selection are perfect... The slight exaggeration/saturation makes it feeeel the way that setting would in real life! Wow!

    Also, thanks for watching my weird rap vid!

  2. Ah Yes! Of course! You and People Under the Stairs are the only rap music I will watch or listen to. I guess I could expand my horizons more...
    Anyway, thanks! This one took me two days of pure thinking! uggg my brain. I am an avid believer in Corel's lighting effects. Bleck! I tried to use photoshop at first! Ha! What a stupid program.

  3. i like this one too. you're getting really good with lighting. Keep it up, sucka.