Monday, August 24, 2009

Glad to see Everyone's here!

Everyone seems to be putting stuff up this month!
Glad to see you've all been cooking up neat things for the blog (and for yourself)...
I want to extend a good luck to all of you who are going back to school this month.
See u @ screenings and whatnot!
Here's what I had time to scan (on my crap-slow scanner)this week.I've found that I really enjoy drawing witches and evil sorcerer gals haha. I'll be sure to post some more soon :)

(By the way, I'm not being paid to advertise or anything but check out Ponyo on the big screen! This beaufitul film was devastatingly successful in making me remember my childhood...sniff sniff...I think Miyazaki's saved the best for last...but I digress, as usual).



  1. I wanna see a tall, gangly one Juliooo!

  2. Needless to say- these are fantastic!

  3. gracias MB. Tall gangly one coming up then :)

  4. The beak-nosed one with the dark glasses and arms crossed is awesome. That's the design I would go for if I wanted the film to bear the impression that maybe witches are all around us... They might even live on your street.

    Also the itchy one at bottom right is really original, I love her big potato sack shapes and the spiral on her hat. Unless I'm mistaken, that spiral = magic!!! That's the design I'd go with if the witches in this film are to be kind of weird and wonky and quiet, but kind of likable. I imagine that one mumbling and scratching, and then mixing brews and potions.

    Gah. Big comment. Sorry - it's cuz I like these!

  5. Oh and the one I said I liked before is still sexy. I like the new poses.

  6. Thanks for your thoughtful and detailed comment Brian Engh! I always like reading your comments on people's posts because you always seem to give 100% of whatever it is you're thinking as you look at the piece. This is very useful; sometimes I see things through your brain filters and get excited I usually don't think of stuff the same angle you think about it (almost always the case). Also, If I'm ever rich enough to do it, I will hire a sexy female dancer dressed up in that witch costume to go to your bachelor party...hopefully it won't ruin the wedding! :)

  7. For so many reasons, Julio, please don't.

    I'm glad my rambling isn't totally annoying to you.