Saturday, August 29, 2009

Encounter with the Cloudsmith

This is a random old stupid doodle post. (I'm just posting impulsively)

This guy says he invented clouds. I'm not sure whether or not I believe him.


  1. you know if it was me talkin to that guy, i think id believe him

  2. This is of the essence of cute epicness. I like it :) I wish I could see a whole comic done in this style! And, like Zach, I too would believe him haha.
    What does this monster feed on, btw? Or does he feed on humans and tells them this bewildering statement as a way to ease their stress levels before swallowing them suddenly?

    -J :)

  3. I prefer the term 'epictard,' or 'e-tard.'
    Used in a sentence: "Haha. That's e-tarded."

    I don't know what this guy eats. Probably big stupid elephant colored relatives of guinea pigs - but way big. Like 3 trucks big.

    Also, I'm inclined not to believe him for 2 reasons:
    -he's got a sort of 'younger brother syndrome' which may be why he claims to have invented clouds, when really it was, like somebody he knows or he helped or something...
    -and everybody knows whoever invented clouds must have had boobs. Really pleasant ones. That's just science.