Saturday, August 22, 2009

yeah im double posting..

This is the 12th bg... no reference except the floor, umbrellas and cat clock! Corel Painter of course.


  1. This house looks like it's made of olde fashioned iced cream - delicious!
    (well, all 'cept for them floor boards, thems look like dark African chocolate to me :)

    Also, more than anything else ever, I love the Georgia O'keefe-y painting above the doorway. If you ever want to see me make a big happy poo in my pants all you'd have to do is paint that picture bigger- like just actually paint it as a separate work of art, to the full size and magesticalliscousness that is implied above.

  2. BTdubs, the thing that really gets me about the painting above the doorway is the mysterious intensely glowing plateau shape peeking out from behind the light fixture. You may have just made that by messing around, but for some reason that shape, in that lonely hilly terrain, with those colors fires my imagination... maybe reminds me of something I visited in a dream once... Gah... MB, you're a bucket of strange lazers sometimes. (:0

    anyway, good job or whatever.

  3. Um that painting above the door is painting I did you can view it here:

    It's the first bg in my thesis.

  4. Ok ok, but in this version (above the door) the colors seem to fade away from that central glowing shape, and you've changed the color scheme a bit... it feels much more moody and dusky and atmospheric in it's new incarnation. Anyway, thanks for sharing the original!

    veeeery interesting docta Jones...

  5. Haha, hey double posting doesn't bother me! For some reason Dudley gave Jeremy a hard time for it, so I like giving Dudley a hard time for that... Honestly I have no idea why one wouldn't double post - when you make something cool you want as many people as possible to see it. I double post as often as I can!
    (for the record, this comment^ is a TRIPLE post, haha)

  6. Dope illustration!

    AND way to double post. Fart, Dudle-bee.