Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I think I am gonna dress like this from now on


  1. #1. The first one is way hotter. Coke is NOT sexy.
    #2. I like cowboy outfits, pastel leisure suits and too much denim.
    #3. I Love the hideous wall rug. Disgusting.

  2. cool! It feels like a Wes Anderson movie.

  3. Haha. That'd be a great look for you! Go for it!

  4. Hahaha did you guys take this picture after you went to yoga practice together, or just before you decided to become vegans?

    Maybe when you two norcal hipsters (yeah, i said it suckaz) are done playing dress up together you'll post some art on this here art blog.

    That said, I like the cowboy one better.


    ohhhhyeaaaahhh, remember this?

    yeah that's right, paste that link.

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  6. I like the second one better (as a photograph, it's better staged, it’s got more depth). Your buddy Derek's face is priceless, and if anyone can pull off looking "legit" doing coke in a photo, it's you crazy Dave… But remember, hugs, not (hard) drugs!
    Next time I see you in LA I wanna see u dressed just like this, I dare ya! (Minus the coke).
    I’m inspired. I think I’m gonna do a character design (yet another) of you in this attire. I’ll call it Miami Drug Lord Dave.