Thursday, August 20, 2009

Character Design Projects

Hey all!
I've been taking a character design class under the amazing David Colman (, and I wanted to share my midterm and my final projects!

First up is the "Animal Circus." The assignment was to choose three animals and design them in a graphic, Cartoon Network style. We were given roles in the Animal Circus that they should fill.

After the project was turned in, we were given one-on-one feedback. This is what I did after the feedback:

Next up is my final project, Medieval Frankenstein! Victor Frankenstein is a battle surgeon, and his goal is to find a way of reviving dead/dying soldiers. Since science NOW can't do that, let alone Medieval science, he must turn to sorcery. The creature is his first attempt.

So these last few are (obviously) not cleaned, but they show the Blind Old Man and the Creature's soft side.

I hope/plan to keep working these designs, so any feedback would be grand!



  1. Your frankenstein looks a touch like Bob Par... haha! These are great JJ! Nice to see you've been drawing alot!
    You have improved and it shows!

    Umm I LOVE LOVE LOVE the raccoon! He's so cute and angry!

  2. These are awesome JJ!
    I remember some of these (I think you showed me the raccoon ones before). I really like the one with the three heads and the butterfly, and the three expression heads of the large-nosed fella, they look pretty rock solid. Keep it up! :)

  3. Nice stuff JJ!! Glad to see you got some work you can be proud of out of that class!

  4. I really love the animal ones. The curly on the Ox/buffalo guy is a bucket of fun and the Vulture is effing rad. That vulture design may be one of the best recent cartoon designs I've seen from anyone. I can totally imagine that guy bouncing around, neck wobbling, generally being wacky. These look really fun to animate- so much movement is already suggested by their designs. hah! and the uptight raccoon is great! A perfect strait-man to complete the trio. So gooood!

    Then I saw the Frankenstein designs... I don't like them. Especially the nose on Dr. Frankenstein. That shape is so unpleasant for me to see as someone's face. It feels like he has a tumor or a brick in his sinuses. Gah. Sorry.

  5. Dude, these are awesome! You've come a long way!