Friday, December 3, 2010

discovering monstorz!

i went through a bunch of old papers and found some monsters that would've otherwise gone forgotten. This guy is my favourite:

i call him crust-shell. i'm pretty sure he is really big (like 60 feet tall) and eats trees. he is also very strong and his tail has spikes, which are very important. when i invent more time i will make him come to life. his eyes let you know he is very very old. probably 14 thousand.

you should make yourself a favourite monster and put it on the blog too. they sure are great.


  1. Do they creak when they walk? I imagine they are very powerful, and silent. Except for their shells which sometimes make noise when they walk. Anyway, maybe I will draw a monster too!!

  2. KIKI PLEASE DRAW (at least one) MONSTERS!!!!