Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I got inspired 8D

Photoshop has the coolest brushes, btw.

Took me about an hour to do. I still want to fix it later, such as make the canvas larger to give the guy a little breathing room and then I want to add a little figure in it. :)

And yes, I know. Get back to work. No need to say it in the comments. :/

btw... apparently the colors match the blog's colors. xD


  1. Oh cool. How does this shot fit into your Jayboard?

    Really though. Very cool. That face is sooooo solid.

  2. This..... is..... um.... their pet?

    I was taking a break to play around with Photoshop some more. Galskdjf;alskd I want to paint. I'm tired of drawing.